1. print design for Alphabet Soup

  2. Poster for Small Poppy Syndrome

  3. scribblehut:

    Pic done for fun, complete with comic overlay. designed to be a mix of the old Creepy magazines and Commando comics
    Final version was printed on a large canvas sheet and stretched over frame. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

  4. scribblehut:

    The greatest band in the known universe… The Radicals! Coming to a galaxy near you.

    I imagine they have a giant semi trailer that transforms into a rock stage and that they live in a lair in a dormant volcano… and they solve mysteries in their down time.

    Created for fun…

  5. scribblehut:

    Commander Rock Steele is lost in time after a military experiment goes haywire. Can he find a way home? Will he see his beloved Lulabelle again? Did he pack a change of underpants?

  6. Branding Illustration for Plato Creative. Represents Unique design and creativity.

  7. Branding illustration for Plato Creative. Representing brave design and creativity.

  8. Print for Alphabet soup

  9. T shirt print for Alphabet Soup

  10. Super Charger print for Alphabet Soup

  11. Yardage repeat for Zoo York

  12. Yardage repeat for Zoo York

  13. Pinup created for 7 network tv show Winners and Losers

  14. artwork for Zoo York Easter Tour


  15. Unused illustration about a company that is helping rebuild or repair major Christchurch buildings after the 2011 earthquake